सबसे आसन तरीका लौकी का हलवा बनाने का | Lauki ka Halwa- Lauki Ki lauz | Sonal ki Rasoi | لوکی کا ہلوا


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सबसे आसन तरीका लौकी का हलवा बनाने का | Lauki ka Halwa- Lauki Ki lauz | Sonal ki Rasoi | لوکی کا ہلوا
10 मिनट में बनाएं स्वादिष्ट लौकी का हलवा |Lauki halwa |Dudhi Halwa|BottleGourd Halwa | Lauki Ki lauz
लौकी की हेल्दी और स्वादिष्ट बर्फी आसानी से कैसे बनाए | Lauki Ki Barfi | Ghiya Burfi | Lauki Ki lauz.
Lauki ki Barfi Recipe - Bottle Gourd Burfi Recipe - Ghiya ki barfi - Lauki ka Halwa Recipe - Dudhi Halwa - Bottle Gourd Halwa - Ghiya halwa - Lauki halwa recipe - Dudhi halwa - Bottle Gourd Halwa - Halwa Recipe - Lauki Ka Halwa | Diwali Special Dessert Recipe
Learn how to make Lauki Ka Halwa at home, rakshabandhan is here and it's time to celebrate the joyous festival and hence sonal is going to show you how to make Lauki Ka Halwa a perfect dessert recipe for the auspicious festival, Lauki barfi or lauki launj can be prepared for any festivals and can be consumed while fasting. Bottle gourd burfi made out of mawa, ghee and loads of dry fruits tastes delicious. Lauki halwa or dudhi is a sweet Indian dessert made of bottle gourd and taste super delicious. This lauki halwa is so scrumptious and simple that you will enjoy making it any time of the year!

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Lauki ka halwa


• Lauki -- 500 gram
• Khoya -- 200 gram
• Sugar -- ½ cup
• Pure ghee -- 3 tsp
• Elaichi powder -- ½ tsp
• Green colour -- totally optional


Grate the lauki using a little thick grater
Discard the excess water from the grated lauki
In a pan, roast the khoya, till thick consistency
In the same pan now put 2 tsp ghee
Add the grated lauki
And cook till 7-8 min in low flame
Now add wsugar
Adding sugar will tend to release some more water
So now cook this covered for another 5 mins..
Now add the colour to give a good colour to your dish
Then add elaichi/ cardamom powder..
And there after add khoya.. and mix well, so that there will not be any lumps...
And cook for some time
And your lauki ka halwa is ready..
Serve it hot, or when it cools down a bit, so that khoya set itself in the halwa


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