क्या आप जानते है हलवाई वाली मिठाई का राज़, बूरा शक्कर, Tagar, How to make boora for besan ke ladoo


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क्या आप जानते है हलवाई वाली मिठाई का राज़, बूरा शक्कर, Tagar, How to make boora for besan ke ladoo - क्या आप जानते है हलवाई वाली मिठाई का राज़? बूरा शक्कर – तगार - How to make Tagar – How to make boora for besan ke laddoo तगार (Tagar) || Tagar for Besan ke Ladoo, Mathura ke Pede, Till ke Ladoo|| How to Make Tagar - How to make tagar or Boora for ladu and Peda - hot to make tagar by sugar
Most Indians know about it. It is finely grained sugar and generally eaten with rice and ghee. It’s the most famous desert for common Indian people especially in Uttar Pradesh. Tagar sugar is a porous sugar which is made by melting sugar in water to reach a state of crystallization. This is how sugar loses its moisture and also it gets clean. Some times, i use (tagar) sugar in place of normal sugar in sweet dishes, because it makes recipe more tastier.

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Tagar - Boora - Bura


Water - 1/3 cup
Sugar -- 1 cup
Pure ghee -- 1 tbsp


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