Eating in a Restaurant

How to Use Your Cutlery - Fork & Knife - Episode 1 0    0

Learn how to use your cutlery from the experts at Plot a Party. For more information log on to:

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The Right Way to Eat Cold Soba Noodles - Stop Eating it Wron... 0    0

Not all noodles are created equal, which is why there's a right AND wrong way to enjoy cold soba. Let Soba-Ya's noodle guru Sakura Yagi show you the correct way to satisfy your soba cravings. Find ...

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How to Eat Different Kinds of Pasta - Stop Eating it Wrong -... 0    0

With so many styles of pasta, it's easy to get stressed when twirling your spaghetti. Let Eataly's master of fresh pasta making, Luca Donofrio, show you the right and wrong way to tackle that plate of...

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How to Eat Dosa - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 52 0    0

Dosas are a common dish when dining at an Indian restaurant, but there's a correct way to crack open that crispy bread. Let Ganapathy Padmanabhan of the Hindu Temple Society of America show you the ri...

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Table Manners 101: Basic Dining Etiquette 0    0

You don't have to practice perfect table manners at home, but you should have a basic grasp on dining etiquette so you know how to handle yourself at a formal dinner without embarrassing yourself. ...

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