Yoga to reduce Belly Fat - Shilpa Yoga - Naukasana


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From Shavasana Bring Your Legs Together And Your Arms To Your Sides. Bend The Right Leg At The Knee. Bring The Thigh As Close To Your Abdomen As Possible. Bring Both Arms Around The Right Leg Locking Your Fingers Just Below The Knee Joint. The Other Leg Remains Straight Still On The Ground. Keep The Foot Relaxed. Press The Thigh Into The Abdomen. Slowly Release In The Reverse Order. Repeat With The Other Leg.This Asana Is Excellent For Indigestion. Its A Great Stretch For The Abdomen The Hips And The Thighs Leaving The Lower Body Toned And Supple. It Helps In Relieving Back Pain And Has A Substantial Impact On The Pelvic Joint.Youll Already Have Started To Notice That The Exercises Seem To Occur In Pairs. This Is Part Of The Genius Of Yoga. Most Exercises Are Complementary Reversing The Muscular Stretches Of The Previous Exercise Working On The Complete Set Of Muscles For Each Body Part Http://
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